A “FitBit” for B2B?

No doubt you’ve seen the band on the wrist. Seems so many people are tracking their 10,000 steps for happier, healthier lives. Cool. Inspired me to pose: What if there was a “FitBiz”? Man, that would really make business-to-business person-to-person. Imagine checking the “FitBiz” on your wrist to see how many widgets the plant in Charlotte turned out by noon, compared to estimates of competitors? Or, viewing real-time web metrics for the five landing pages you have going in live campaigns? Or, counting the billable hours logged, by department or person, against goals for your 11 offices? Talk about living in the moment! Maybe the wrist app is fiction, but fantasy? Digital dives deeper daily (How’s that for alliteration?) and what seems far fetched today is table stakes tomorrow. HP’s ad in WSJ recently talked about the critical nature of speed – speed to everything. Things like “FitBiz” data trackers, tuned to your specific interests and needs will time-compress assessments, evaluations and decisions. In less time than we think, e-mail could look like snail mail next to what “FitBiz” applications could tells us about the health of our businesses.

Photo from FitBit.com