5 ways to help new moms sizzle — this summer and beyond.

It’s summertime. That means fun in the sun and a little R&R, even for a new mom. But if you’re a brand manager, planner or retail manager, making it a lazy summer can bust your bottom-line projections big time.

Here are some hot tips that can help you get a little more pull from new moms’ purse strings this summer.

1. Make summer travel simpler.

  •  Travel plazas and state thruway authorities: Designate changing stations and mom- and baby-friendly areas at rest stops and thruway centers. To avoid diaper rash and restlessness among little travelers, be sure diapers and wipes are sold in travel plazas and kid-friendly meal options are available.
  •  AAA clubs: Consider a “Road Trip Survival Guide” for new parents. Include sections like “Prepping to Schlep,” “Kid-friendly Road Trip Food,” “Best Places for Baby’s First Vacay,” “Family-friendly Hotels and Resorts” (that include laundry facilities) and “Baby’s First Airport Check-in.”
  •  Retailers: How cool (and cash-generating) would it be to feature an end cap or in-aisle display filled with Road Trip Essentials for Moms. Items could include travel toys (no rattles or noisy toys, please), finger puppets, plush toys and little activity books. New moms will make you the hero when they get to their destinations without any screaming fits from the back seat.
  •  Airline Marketers: There are instruction cards for safety and service in your aircraft. Why not create an instruction card inside the seatback pocket for safe travels with newborns. Tips might include:
    • Sit near the rest room for easier access for diaper changes.
    • Feed and burp baby before boarding so the cabin pressure doesn’t cause a tummy ache.
    • If possible, have baby lie down or sleep to relax eardrums. Air pressure changes can be hard on sensitive little ears.

2. Keep her comfy and feeling good about her fashion.

New moms leaving the hospital in June, July and August can feel frumpy in a droopy sarong or their husband’s XL tee shirt. Neither one is the right fit for their postpartum belly coverage or nursing needs.

Here are some summer wardrobe essentials you can market for new moms and get incremental sales:

  • A little shaper to get those curves going in the right places.
  • Slimming singlets that give a nice snug, yet stretchy feel.
  • Swimsuits in flexible sizes to help swim away the extra baby weight in style.
  • Fold-over summer skirts that disguise any leftover bump.
  • Diagonal-striped waist skirts are flattering and flirty for new moms.
  • Lightweight button-down shirts work great over nursing tank tops and can be dressed up or dressed down.

OK, so maybe fashion isn’t the first thing on a new mom’s mind. But helping her look good and feel great does a lot for postpartum baby blues.

3. Help her get fit and healthier, one summer day at a time.

According to a recent new mom body survey conducted by BabyCenter, many new moms who struggle with their baby weight — including those for whom it’s been a lifelong issue — manage to not just get trimmer in the post-baby era but healthier than they’ve ever been. But it takes time and dedication, two things hard to come by when a new baby or toddler is in tow.

How can your brand help new moms get fit? Some suggestions:

  •  Health clubs: Classes for new moms could be a real growth opportunity. “Mommy and Me” fitness classes, “How to Exercise Best with Baby” seminars and even simple exercise tips, programs or apps would not only help new moms get fit, but introduce baby to a lifetime of fitness.
  •  Spas: New mom massages would be a relaxing splurge for summer.
  •  Grocers: Why not offer healthier-for-new-mom tips in the baby aisle and send her to the produce or skin care aisles to nourish her body along with baby’s? A “Family Picnic Fixings” display or end cap with kid- and grownup-friendly food and activity ideas would also feed big summer sales.
  •  Retailers: Display family bikes and running strollers in a prominent way in-store with “Get Fit for Summer” or “This is How Healthy Babies Roll” messaging.

Or, bundle pack a Baby’s First Beach Outing Kit including a how-to guide and shovel for building the first sandcastle, as well as sunscreen for healthy protection.

4. Help her make a fresh summer meal for her new family.

Making meals should always be easy for new moms. In the dead heat of summer, when casseroles aren’t the best meal ideas to market to new moms, think about these options:

  • The New Baby Taco or Burrito Box: Include shredded beef or chicken in a big box of fresh taco fixings that can be eaten over several days.
  • Also, it’s great to provide fresh fruit, already cut up, and small things that can go in the freezer, like popsicles or a roll of cookie dough.
  • One last tip: Don’t forget about breakfast! Grocers can offer a fresh veggie quiche and cinnamon rolls to get the day off to a good start.

5. Offer plenty of some summer fun ideas for new baby and mom.

A lot of organizations can profit from new mom spending this summer. Zoos, day cares, camps, craft stores, farmers’ markets, photographers, children’s museums, and so many more. Offer (and promote) anything a new mommy can do to just sit back and bond with her baby indoors, outdoors and all around town.

Happy summer!