5 Blogging Tips for Better Engagement

The internet is as saturated with blogs as a big city is with Starbucks. From fashion, DIY and mommy bloggers to those who report on business trends, bloggers are everywhere. According to Mashable, there are more than 33 million Tumblr accounts pushing out 38,000 posts per minute. In today’s highly technical world, blogging is on the rise with no signs of slowing down. So, how do you shout the loudest in an online world filled with noise?

Here are five tips for building your blog and keeping readers engaged:

1. Know your audience: When starting or rebranding a blog, determine who you are trying to reach and listen to them. What posts are receiving the most views or comments? Why is that? Listening to your audience will help you craft content that they’ll enjoy, read and share.

2. Visuals count: The old saying “A picture is worth 1,000 words” rings true in blogging. Readers are looking for visual, shareable content. Incorporating images and videos helps increase engagement, and will keep people coming back to your site.

3. Be original: Originality is key, but rarely do bloggers recreate the wheel. Instead of replicating a project or idea you saw on another blog, think of how you could contribute your opinion to a discussion, or add your personal touch to a project. Your readers will appreciate your originality, look to you as a resource and your content has a higher chance of being shared.

4. Utilize social media: Don’t be shy. Push out your content on your social channels to help increase traffic and awareness.   

5. Network: As in life, networking is an important aspect of blogging. Connect with bloggers who write about similar topics, don’t be afraid to ask for advice and be on the lookout for opportunities to guest blog. By building relationships, you’ll increase your skill set and gain access to new audiences.

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By Natalie Folchi, Associate Content Manager, Public Relations