11,000 women enter into motherhood tomorrow

Their collective voice and purchasing power is strong and they have some serious shopping to do. Fortunately, nobody knows new moms like EMA. From packaged goods and health insurance, to private schools and toys—we know the successful retail strategies to help accelerate market share among first-time moms, and then develop and nurture that relationship for years to come.

Take a look at some the results from our latest proprietary research on new moms and how they like to shop.

  • When asked their preferences about shopping, nearly one in three (32%) moms preferred one stop shopping supporting their love of the convenient big box retailers.  Experienced moms were more likely to have time to hit multiple stores.
  • Moms continued to focus on convenience and price, as one in three moms selected big box retailers as their favorite place to shop for kids.
  • Moms have found that online shopping helps to ease the in-store time crunch and feel confident that they are getting the best product and pricing.
  • Retail shopping was also rushed but a more enjoyable shopping experience. It definitely felt centered on the kids rather than “get away time” for mom.
  • New moms were still in the honeymoon phase of shopping, expressing more enjoyment compared to their experienced counterparts particularly when referencing toys and food. Shopping for their own clothing has become more challenging for mothers of all ages and experience levels.
  • New moms were looking for ways to help them save time as they adapt to life as a new mother. Most experienced moms acknowledged a change to their shopping experience, but some felt more confident over time as they’ve developed a system to maneuver the retail frontier.

When asked how stores could improve their shopping experience, most moms asked for more accommodating store environments and layouts. New moms, in particular, were focused on entertaining and protecting their children. Some experienced moms had acclimated to the lack of services offered, but agreed that products could be better organized. There is a lot of opportunity for brands to collaborate with their retail channel partners to improve the experience.