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EyeMed: Integrated Marketing Campaign

Securing Trust


Vision benefits are a highly competitive insurance vertical and EyeMed, the fastest-growing vision benefits company in the US, needed to stand out from the pack to raise awareness and consideration with potential new customers. They partnered with Mower to bring a data security white paper to life in an interesting and disruptive way, touting their seven breach-preventing protocols and grabbing benefit decision makers’ attention.


Brokers and employers are not fully informed regarding the level of security necessary to safeguard their employees when they use company resources to access outside services. Too many believe they are adequately protected when they are, in fact, missing key elements of a truly secure environment.


Targeting brokers who evaluate benefit providers, Mower created a compelling integrated campaign pointing to a landing page where visitors could download a whitepaper on data security. Banner ads and dynamic, in-feed videos on two themes—a beekeeper and a diver in a shark cage—conveyed the vulnerability of data in an eye-catching manner. In addition to Facebook and Instagram, Mower included LinkedIn in the social media mix because of the network’s high engagement rate; LinkedIn is responsible, in fact, for a full 50% of social traffic driven to B2B blogs and sites. While many agencies have been slow to adopt LinkedIn’s advertising platform, InMail, the opportunity to deliver personalized content with a prominent CTA via LinkedIn Messenger convinced us it was the ideal medium to reach our target audience for EyeMed.


With Phase One of the campaign complete, EyeMed’s brand awareness has already increased significantly. Thanks to powerful messaging and highly effective targeting, we reduced client spend to 60% below the industry average while delivering a LinkedIn clickthrough rate of 54%—three to four times higher than the market average. (By contrast, had we taken a traditional email-only approach, the average would have been only 3%.) Of the 2,125 total link clicks on Facebook and Instagram, the highest interaction rate, 1,258, came from new audience members. In all, the Facebook and Instagram campaigns put EyeMed and its security benefits message in front of 161,175 people who had not previously engaged with the brand online.

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