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AG Mednet: Zero-Delay Clinical Trials Campaign

Driving an Industry to Eliminate Errors by Establishing a Strong Rallying Cry


Even though it was a pioneer in medical image transfers, AG Mednet, a provider of disruptive technology services in the clinical trial continuum, knew that simply moving images faster was not a realistic solution for the unacceptable delays that occur in the industry. Rather, the quality of data being transferred needed to improve. The complex clinical trial industry is plagued by delays and errors despite myriad checks and balances to maintain the proper flow of information. Generating and submitting clinical trial data resembles an intricate manufacturing process, where quality is critical at every station in the assembly line.



Through the knowledge of AG Mednet’s CEO and research by the Mower PR team, we learned there are significant consequences to delays in the clinical trials process. A single submission error can cost up to seven weeks of trial delay, millions of sponsor dollars and the potential loss or exclusion of patient data from a trial. This loss of time and money had become accepted as the cost of doing business in drug development, and this apathy became the basis for AG Mednet’s Rallying Cry and public relations program. Mower built a strategy to ensure this information spread throughout the pharmaceutical industry.



It’s easier to ignore an issue if no one is talking about it. With Mower’s guidance, AG Mednet changed the conversation, taking the lead around driving better drug development processes, telling a story of quality to its industry. With a mantra of zero-delay clinical trials, AG Mednet challenges the entire industry to eliminate delays and improve quality, all in the name of better patient outcomes. Rather than focusing its message on the line items its technology can address, the company, through its CEO, shows how quality control speeds up trials, reduces errors and saves money. That’s an outcome any drug company can get behind. Our PR team helps AG Mednet challenge the clinical trial industry to make quality a critical factor in achieving zero-delay clinical trials.



AG Mednet remains the outspoken voice in the clinical trial industry, addressing issues around quality control, workflow and automation. The company sits at the forefront of discussing difficult industry challenges. The company CEO regularly moderates panels at industry events around topics like disruptive technologies, and has been named one of 20 innovators changing the face of the clinical trial industry. AG Mednet continues to grow globally, increasing its staff and the number of trials it manages as its message about quality resonates with pharmaceutical companies and labs around the world.

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