Are COVID concerns keeping Americans away from the doctor’s office?

More Americans have turned to telemedicine and some are avoiding the doctor altogether as healthcare professionals continue to grapple with COVID-19’s impacts on their patients and their practices. But when the pandemic abates, will people return? Or will virtual visits be part of “the new normal”? Mower recently polled 1,020 U.S. adults* to learn more […]


Yin + Yang: Balanced Recruitment Strategies for Healthcare Institutions

Across all types of healthcare organizations, the most pressing question we keep hearing again and again is: “What are the best ways to find and keep talent?” It’s not surprising when you look at any jobs report. The employment rate for healthcare jobs is expected to grow 18 percent from 2016 to 2026, much faster […]


Pregnant Moms Expect a Lot from Their Hospital Experiences

EMA’s pregnancy research study reveals consumer-driven healthcare trends of young, expecting moms that should prompt providers and hospitals to make improving patient experience and satisfaction their number one goal. Hospital stays are becoming more and more like hotel stays when it comes to the amenities that young expectant mothers are looking for when heading in […]


The Secrets to Patient Acquisition

The number of insured Americans is at the highest point yet. Almost 90 percent of Americans have health insurance. The Affordable Care Act alone has allowed 20 million people to gain health insurance for the first time. With numbers continually climbing for the amount of people with access to care, healthcare marketers need to be […]


How Millennials Make Healthcare Decisions

I’m a Millennial, but that’s generally something I try to keep under wraps. Most studies draw embarrassing conclusions about my generation’s aversion to “adulting” and our seeming inability to put down our phones. And apparently we’re drinking all the wine. But after conducting research on how Millennials make healthcare decisions, some faith in my peers […]


The Transition from Patient to Healthcare Consumer

Patients today approach healthcare in the same way they approach major purchases. They conduct research, read reviews, and search for the best price. Gone are the days when patients simply took their primary care physicians’ advice and referrals with no questions asked. Now they seek second and third opinions, and ask friends and family members […]