Telemedicine: Most adults unsure of how to use it

In this time of social distancing and hyper-awareness of symptoms of COVID-19, health officials around the country are asking those who think they might have the virus to call their doctor or use telemedicine to request testing, rather than go for an in-person visit and risk spreading the infection. However, patients face a real barrier […]


Big Tech Is Changing What We Expect of our Healthcare Companies. Are You Ready?

As big tech companies continue to make headlines, giving consumers more reasons to worry about who has access to their personal information, we’ve been thinking about what this all means for the healthcare industry. Google is under the microscope now, as the federal government investigates whether the company violated privacy laws when it partnered with […]


Digital Health Trackers

What are digital health trackers? Digital health trackers, also known as “wearable health trackers” are all the rage it seems. What started out as a curious plastic bracelet on that super-techy guy’s wrist has become very common, even among us majority adopters. Well-known fitness bands include Nike FuelBand, FitBit and Jawbone, with many more popping […]