Telemedicine: Most adults unsure of how to use it

In this time of social distancing and hyper-awareness of symptoms of COVID-19, health officials around the country are asking those who think they might have the virus to call their doctor or use telemedicine to request testing, rather than go for an in-person visit and risk spreading the infection. However, patients face a real barrier […]


The Perfect Solution for Rising Healthcare Costs

I know how we can rein in the rising cost of healthcare in America. In fact, if my math is correct (full disclosure, I majored in public relations and journalism because I couldn’t do the math), I can reverse the trend and actually reduce the cost of healthcare. The answer is so simple. Ready? Okay, […]


Feeling the Pain

The opioid addiction crisis strangling America’s healthcare system has the potential to cripple service delivery by hospitals and providers of all sizes in all regions. Stop them cold in their tracks. Sap resources at rates never before seen in modern healthcare. This particular disease, like so many others, knows no boundaries. Rich. Poor. Old. Young. […]