Applying Hospitality Industry Best Practices to Patient Care

Whether you view it as a match made in heaven or a case of opposites attract, the marriage between hospitals and hospitality is a healthy and well-established union. Just over two decades ago, when representing New York City’s esteemed Hotel Pierre, we had the opportunity to participate in creating a service training session for staff […]


12 Months of Healthcare Content Marketing Ideas

The New Year greets us with a blank calendar — which means we have 365 days to fill with compelling content ideas for blogs, newsletters, and social media marketing. We’ll help you get started. Download our National Health Observances calendar, choose the issues and topics that are most relevant to your communities, and start plugging […]


The Wearable Future

It’s 11:53 p.m. and I’m jogging in place beside my bed, eyes glued to the Fitbit around my wrist. The number on the screen slowly ticks up until it reaches 10,000 with a satisfying buzz and an inspirational message: “10,000 steps! You did it!” The rise of wearable technology has been meteoric over the past […]


The Key to Stellar Healthcare Content Marketing

When was the last time a patient went to you first for advice? Increasingly, patients use the internet as a resource before seeing a physician. Roughly 72% of internet users have looked up health information on the internet in the past year, and 35% of U.S. adults have specifically used the internet to try to […]