We’ll help you increase awareness and adoption of your products, services and technologies.

The key to creating meaningful relationships is knowing who your consumers are, where they are, and what worries and motivates them. We stay on top of industry trends and surround you with solid research that helps you reach the right people and start meeting customer expectations in the modern world. Mower uncovers and unleashes insights that move, motivate and make a difference, turning your consumers into passionate advocates and trusted friends.

Whether you’re selling green technologies to homeowners, providing the latest smart grid technologies to evolving utility companies, or navigating regulatory and community factors, we can deliver research, integrated marketing, branding, advertising, digital and PR solutions that can amplify and accelerate your efforts.

Primary segments served:

  • Electric and gas utilities
  • Providers of technology and services sold to utilities
  • Developers of renewables generation or transmission and distribution projects
  • Non-energy corporations (sustainability and CSR)

Over 50 years’ success in the energy, sustainability and green marketing industry.

Our team has experience working with leaders in the industry such as:

  • We’ve helped several companies enter new markets through creative campaigns and public relations efforts.
  • We’ve developed and executed strategic community outreach plans to gain public understanding and support of projects.
  • The team has helped both B2C and B2B companies identify the unique attributes of their corporate social responsibility strategy.

Big enough to scale, small enough to connect.

We’ve got a deep bench of energy experts who are comfortable with working with everyone from the world’s largest utility companies to government authorities to challenger brand upstarts. They’re ready to hit the ground running.

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