Six Rules for Utilities Navigating the Looming Collections Communications Challenge

Utilities face a public relations nightmare. At the start of the pandemic quarantine, many did not shut off customers with overdue bills. Some companies did this voluntarily. Others were prohibited by state governors. But now, we’re entering a new phase. Utilities report as many as 40 percent of their customers are behind on payments. In […]


How Your Utility Company Should Be Marketing Community Solar

Are you a utility company with a community solar project in development? Setting a community solar project up is one thing, but communicating the intricacies of the project to the community is another. How will you make sure your customers are aware of the benefits of community solar, understand what’s required of them, and know […]


Utilities and New Revenue Streams: How to Roll It Out

You are a believer in the concept of selling nontraditional products and services to your utility customers and may have even helped to sell the idea internally to your top stakeholders. But now how do you make it happen when the concept is still seen as mostly foreign? Even with C-suite executives on board, there […]


Customer Service in the Energy Sector: Be the Heart, Not the Cart

Utilities are learning how to build relationships with their customers after decades of one-way interaction. It used to be, you send the bill, you push out the power. If there’s a problem, you fix it, then you send the bill again and push out the power. Things were simple as long the lights came on. […]


Utilities and Tax Reform: Communication is Key

Utilities are not always the most popular businesses with consumers. Rising rates, service interruptions and perception of poor customer service make it challenging to maintain a positive reputation and strong relationships. The best way to combat this problem is active and open communication that builds personal connections, increasing trust and loyalty over time. The most […]


Sustainability Reports Create Opportunity to Show Environmental Leadership

The U.S. pulling out of the landmark Paris Climate Agreement this year made international headlines — the vast majority of them negative. But as the world debates the global impact of that move, and U.S. cities and states step in to fill the void, it’s an opportune time for companies in the energy sector to […]


EMAdvisor New Webinar: Communicating Sustainability in a Skeptical World

Looking for the key to a successful sustainability strategy for your brand? If so, check out our recent webinar, Communicating Sustainability in a Skeptical World, and learn the do’s and don’ts of making sustainability claims in a world flooded with overpromises, irrelevance and a lack of clarity. To get similar information on industry trends, best […]


Make Sustainability Stick

By now, we know sustainability is not a trend. It’s become a business model, a lifestyle and an industry in its own right. But just because we’ve moved past the novelty of it all, it doesn’t have to be regarded as a chore either. Decision-makers across all industries feel the pressure to weave sustainability into […]



Every day, more and more companies “go green.” Nearly every business of every size is doing it, from building owners to car manufacturers, restaurants to retailers. While being green is great for the environment, “greenwashing” is an incredibly unhealthy practice — for both businesses and our planet. What is greenwashing? If the term “whitewashing” comes […]