Inform and Influence at Your Next Public Meeting

Developers, utility companies, project sponsors, and government entities are often faced with the challenge of sharing plans for their next project with the community, or communities, that will host them. One of the many methods used to share that information is a public meeting. While the concept may seem simple, the execution can be challenging, […]


Maximizing Visibility of Your New Product

Innovation is the lifeblood and key to success for any business. After all, new products are developed and launched specifically to solve a challenge in the marketplace and meet the desired needs of customers. The problem is that approximately 65 to 95 percent of the 30,000 new products launched annually fail in the marketplace, according […]


Renewable Energy and Addressing the Anti-subsidy Argument

Renewable energy suppliers and developers have often been the subject of criticism for receiving government subsidies that provide them with big tax breaks and credits. Those who support the anti-subsidies argument against renewable energy typically believe that these government subsidies force tax- and ratepayers to support untenable renewable technology, and that energy suppliers and developers […]


Why Utilities and Energy Developers Should Always Avoid the Pejorative Term “NIMBY”

NIMBY. It is a dangerous term. Shorthand for “Not in My Backyard,” it describes individuals who oppose projects because they are perceived as undesirable or hazardous to their land or community. These projects could be anything from a large industrial warehouse to a renewable energy project like a wind or solar farm. Regardless of the […]


5 Musts for Communicating Sustainability

Sustainability reporting has become a mainstream business practice. Failure to publish a sustainability report and engage in practices designed to help the environment can hurt a company’s reputation and its business. That being said, nothing will hurt a company’s reputation more than engaging in greenwashing. Far too often businesses have been sued or accused of […]



Every day, more and more companies “go green.” Nearly every business of every size is doing it, from building owners to car manufacturers, restaurants to retailers. While being green is great for the environment, “greenwashing” is an incredibly unhealthy practice — for both businesses and our planet. What is greenwashing? If the term “whitewashing” comes […]


Siting Renewable Energy Projects:

Renewable energy is widely regarded as the planet’s best bet for addressing climate change and protecting the health of our environment. Yet it remains a massive challenge for companies to gain the community support needed to site renewable energy projects. Getting the project started doesn’t have to be an uphill battle, if you take the […]