Are You In On Home Wellness?

The home has a major role in health and well-being. Help your customers optimize their living environment by focusing the conversation on wellness. In its 2018 research report, “Build Well to Live Well,” the Global Wellness Institute (GWI) lays out a timeline of movements that paved the way for the future of “building better places […]


Utilities Insiders: How to Sell the Idea of Nontraditional Products to Your C-Suite

You’re in a customer experience, marketing or business development capacity at a utility and are convinced that your organization should begin selling nontraditional products or services to customers. You’ve seen the research and understand that the tide is changing — but how do you create a convincing argument to get C-suite executives on board with […]


Three Ways Energy Efficiency Increases Wellness

Sustainability isn’t just good for the wallet, it’s good for overall well-being We are well versed in the ways energy efficiency impacts budgets. Whether we’re talking about the home environment or commercial buildings, it has been proven that using less energy leads to saving more money. When LEED came on the scene in 2000, it […]


Sustainability Reports Create Opportunity to Show Environmental Leadership

The U.S. pulling out of the landmark Paris Climate Agreement this year made international headlines — the vast majority of them negative. But as the world debates the global impact of that move, and U.S. cities and states step in to fill the void, it’s an opportune time for companies in the energy sector to […]


Solar Growth without Subsidies — Count on It

My hunch is that solar installations will continue to grow in the United States, even as the new administration begins to implement new policies. From what I’m reading, there are three key findings that support this: 1.   Solar prices continue to fall. From 1988 through 2015, median installed prices declined by 6% to 12% […]


Talking Solar in 2017 — What Marketers Need to Know

In 1974, Congress passed the Solar Research Development and Demonstration Act to help people pursue opportunities for solar energy on earth, rather than in space. Forty-three years later, solar power has firmly found its place — becoming a staple for more and more American homes (Business Insider reported that by 2020, between 900,000 and 3.8 […]


5 Musts for Communicating Sustainability

Sustainability reporting has become a mainstream business practice. Failure to publish a sustainability report and engage in practices designed to help the environment can hurt a company’s reputation and its business. That being said, nothing will hurt a company’s reputation more than engaging in greenwashing. Far too often businesses have been sued or accused of […]


New eBook: Evolution of the Early Adopter

At EMA’s Energy + Sustainability group we’re all about uncovering and leveraging insights that can help spark a connection with your brand. Our green marketing expertise spans the entire spectrum — from identifying what motivates homeowners to embrace sustainable practices, to demonstrating the true ROI of energy efficiency to CEOs. We also know the early […]