Utilities and New Revenue Streams: How to Roll It Out

You are a believer in the concept of selling nontraditional products and services to your utility customers and may have even helped to sell the idea internally to your top stakeholders. But now how do you make it happen when the concept is still seen as mostly foreign? Even with C-suite executives on board, there […]


Why Does a Utility Have to Advertise?

The monopoly of today is the free market of tomorrow. Being an account planner in an agency that specializes in energy and sustainability, I’ve worked with my fair share of power companies. Over the years, I’ve been asked by people outside the industry why a utility would even need an agency. The conversation usually hinges […]


Three Ways Energy Efficiency Increases Wellness

Sustainability isn’t just good for the wallet, it’s good for overall well-being We are well versed in the ways energy efficiency impacts budgets. Whether we’re talking about the home environment or commercial buildings, it has been proven that using less energy leads to saving more money. When LEED came on the scene in 2000, it […]


Talking Solar in 2017 — What Marketers Need to Know

In 1974, Congress passed the Solar Research Development and Demonstration Act to help people pursue opportunities for solar energy on earth, rather than in space. Forty-three years later, solar power has firmly found its place — becoming a staple for more and more American homes (Business Insider reported that by 2020, between 900,000 and 3.8 […]


EMAdvisor New Webinar: Communicating Sustainability in a Skeptical World

Looking for the key to a successful sustainability strategy for your brand? If so, check out our recent webinar, Communicating Sustainability in a Skeptical World, and learn the do’s and don’ts of making sustainability claims in a world flooded with overpromises, irrelevance and a lack of clarity. To get similar information on industry trends, best […]


New eBook: The User-Friendly Utility

Let’s be honest, energy customers are more likely to see their utility as a necessary evil rather than a warm, caring “brand.” But that perception is changing in the increasingly complex and competitive world of energy consumption. This eBook takes the pulse of the transforming utility landscape, and shares some examples of utilities that nurtured […]


5 Musts for Communicating Sustainability

Sustainability reporting has become a mainstream business practice. Failure to publish a sustainability report and engage in practices designed to help the environment can hurt a company’s reputation and its business. That being said, nothing will hurt a company’s reputation more than engaging in greenwashing. Far too often businesses have been sued or accused of […]


Maintaining Brand Strength during a Season of Mergers and Acquisitions in the Power Sector

2016 appears to be the year of mergers and acquisitions (M&A) in the energy sector. To provide some context of just how active the M&A activity is, here are some headlines featured in recent news stories: “Making Sense of Q1’s Monster M&A Activity in the Power Sector” “Pioneers of U.S. Energy Savings Turn Targets as […]


Make Sustainability Stick

By now, we know sustainability is not a trend. It’s become a business model, a lifestyle and an industry in its own right. But just because we’ve moved past the novelty of it all, it doesn’t have to be regarded as a chore either. Decision-makers across all industries feel the pressure to weave sustainability into […]