The Evolution of the Customer Experience

Takeaways from the 2019 EMACS Customer Experience Conference If you attended the EMACS Customer Experience Conference this year, you were treated to insight from professionals in the utility sector stemming from a combination of real-life experience, technical expertise and forward-thinking strategies related to improving the customer experience. If you skimmed the titles of the 30 sessions […]


Maximizing Visibility of Your New Product

Innovation is the lifeblood and key to success for any business. After all, new products are developed and launched specifically to solve a challenge in the marketplace and meet the desired needs of customers. The problem is that approximately 65 to 95 percent of the 30,000 new products launched annually fail in the marketplace, according […]


Marketing Smart Meters in a Modern World

Smart meters are becoming mainstream in modern American. The Institute for Electric Innovation reports that more than 30 electric companies across the country have fully deployed smart meters across their service areas, and that by 2020 there will be 90 million smart meters installed in the United States. As Patty Durand, president and CEO of […]


Solar Growth without Subsidies — Count on It

My hunch is that solar installations will continue to grow in the United States, even as the new administration begins to implement new policies. From what I’m reading, there are three key findings that support this: 1.   Solar prices continue to fall. From 1988 through 2015, median installed prices declined by 6% to 12% […]


New eBook: The User-Friendly Utility

Let’s be honest, energy customers are more likely to see their utility as a necessary evil rather than a warm, caring “brand.” But that perception is changing in the increasingly complex and competitive world of energy consumption. This eBook takes the pulse of the transforming utility landscape, and shares some examples of utilities that nurtured […]


Make Sustainability Stick

By now, we know sustainability is not a trend. It’s become a business model, a lifestyle and an industry in its own right. But just because we’ve moved past the novelty of it all, it doesn’t have to be regarded as a chore either. Decision-makers across all industries feel the pressure to weave sustainability into […]