To our clients, partners and friends,

With the fast-moving coronavirus (COVID-19) impacting your business in multiple ways, Mower has fully activated its operational preparedness plan — we stand at full readiness to meet your marketing and communications needs throughout this crisis

Mower is open for business.

We have technology in place that allows our teams to work collaboratively with our clients from home or other remote locations. Because we operate from nine offices, the distribution of our people and capabilities adds a layer of redundancy should we need to shift essential services you require to another location. Many of our clients are already serviced by multi-office teams, so we built business continuity into our process long ago.

The Mower PR & PA Group is already supporting clients with communications strategies and tactics for their employees, customers and other key audiences. As the COVID-19 cases increase, so will anxiety levels among employees, customers and other stakeholders. We recommend companies communicate  about preparedness and business operations with all critical audiences.  Mower can help your team develop and deliver these messages, as well as create strategies for emerging rapidly when the crisis lifts.

Please don’t hesitate to ask for our help. Maintaining the delicate balance between not fueling further anxiety, while also focusing on the steps being taken to safeguard health and safety, is a communication challenge. Sharing contingency plans for things like increased employee absenteeism and supply chain challenges can reassure those who count on your company.

We value our partnership and stand ready to help you meet this challenge.

Please let us know if you want to discuss your organization’s changing marketing and communications needs with a member of the Mower team.

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Contact: Rick Lyke, EVP, Managing Director Public Relations and Public Affairs