Audience Insights Analyst

Mower has an exciting opportunity for an Audience Insights Analyst in our Atlanta, Boston or Charlotte office. By exploring digital advertising analytics, market trends, competitors, potential and existing customers, and 3rd party data, the Audience Insights Analyst will help to foster a data driven environment through the creation of analysis and reporting specific to audience psycho-metrics at the top & mid funnel stages of engagement. These insights will help Mower clients and Mower’s internal advertising and strategy teams better target audiences, attract new customers, and personalize marketing to yield more sales, better customer experiences, and higher customer lifetime value.
In utilizing audience insights, Mower’s advertising & creative strategy teams are empowered to go beyond standard segmentation tactics and use personality traits to develop highly-personalized marketing campaigns.
Audience Insight Analyst will:
· Investigate and conduct deep dives into data across all digital marketing channels (email, web, social, paid digital advertising, online events, etc.) to better understand prospect / customer engagements and analyze user behaviors
· Produce audience psychometric reporting, analyzing how the digital engagement audiences think by considering their values, attitudes and lifestyle (VALs)
· Collect customer demographic information (e.g., gender, income, age) and market data (e.g., competition prices, industry, media, geo statistics) through primary research methods and sources (such as media rating tools, digital advertising analytics, Mower and client proprietary databases) and secondary research (information from industry associations, statisticians and marketing experts)
· Conduct high-level research for understanding customer needs, evaluating market penetration and analyzing competitors
· Generate reports that analyze customers, competition, the industry, and digital marketing activities using charts, graphs, explanatory text and previously developed ROI formats
· Perform base and special studies as assigned, including preparation of written and/or verbal reports
· Identify opportunities for extended insights studies and engage the larger brand insights division of Mower with the client for exploration of extended work
· Participate in regular team meetings with Insights, Digital Media, Search & Social and Data Analytics teams to stay abreast of advertising programs, data resources, analysis technologies, and third-party research to synthesize within the audience insights toolset
Qualifications /Experience:
· Bachelor’s degree or Master’s Degree in Marketing, Digital Marketing, Finance, Psychology, or related field preferred
· A minimum of three (3) years’ experience performing research studies and analysis from start to finish in a marketing, sales or media environment is required
· Equivalent combination of education and progressive, relevant and direct experience may be considered in lieu of minimum educational/experience requirements indicated above
· Must be able to work in fast paced, high performance environment with tight deadlines
· Requires ability to think critically and independently, while at the same time the ability to know when to ask for help; requires holistic business acumen
· Ability to self-manage project based upon defined timelines and variable outcomes required
· Ability to complete projects that require long hours prepping presentation materials from not just a content, but even “making them dynamic” perspective