Can your brand survive the Amazon tsunami?

Amazon brings smiles to more than two million consumers and businesses hourly. That’s a lot of grins. But it’s not necessarily happiness to B2B brands and distributors like those that sell electrical products, plumbing supplies, tools, jan/san goods, medical supply items – the list goes (and grows) on. Amazon challenges the brand/channel/user dynamic with a […]


Big Box, Little Box or Both?

If you’re a marketer setting out to map your contractor segment’s “customer journey,” you’d better gas up, because they get around, according to a national research study of 500 general contractors, electricians, plumbers and HVAC specialists conducted by Eric Mower + Associates Group B2B in 2011. When it comes to where contractors prefer to shop […]


Would They Rather Fight than Switch?

If you were buying a product that your life depended on, would you be easily persuaded to try something new? Every day, tradesmen make decisions about products that their lives and livelihoods depend on. So it’s no wonder they have a reputation for loyalty to brands of tools and building supplies that they know and […]


Do Contractors Buy Products or Brands?

In a world of finite and sometimes shrinking budgets, marketers need to know where to place their bets. How much of the annual marketing spend should be allocated toward brand building, and how much toward product launches and support? Strong brand names are important drivers of new product adoption, according to a national research study […]