Building Brand Loyalty Among Contractors

How do you create brand loyalty in a specs-oriented, channel-sourced industry? Is it even worth the time and effort? Check out our recent webinar, Building Brand Loyalty Among Contractors: Risks and Rewards, and find out. Hosted by EMA’s Building + Construction’s brand builder John Favalo, this webinar shares the secrets of winning over the hearts […]


Not Your Father’s Toolbox

Drones, tablets, smartphones and digital sensors. No, you’re not standing in the innovation lab of a tech firm, you’re in the middle of a construction site. Yes, you read that correctly. These pieces of technology are just a few of the tools that today’s contractors use on-site, and they are quickly making the job safer […]


How to Fuel Product Innovation & Adoption: Interview with EMA Experts

EMA’s John Favalo and Donna Ricciardi recently sat down with batterii — an innovation collaborative design software provider—to talk about product innovation and adoption in the buildings and construction industry. Both John and Donna have a breadth and depth of experience in B2B marketing — specifically in the power and specialty tools, building materials, electrical devices […]


Marketing to Specifiers: Keeping your efforts on spec

Marketing to an audience that doesn’t necessarily buy your products or services comes with its own unique set of challenges. Our EMA—Buildings + Construction specialty group—specializes in overcoming these challenges. After more than three decades of experience helping our clients focus on these elusive targets—which can include architects, interior designers, as well as electrical, mechanical and specifying engineers—we’ve found […]


Six Dirty Words That Can Soil and Spoil Your Marketing Plans

Time:  Six months post-launch of a game-changing new construction product. Place: Conference room at HQ of category-leading marketer. Players: VP marketing, director of marketing communications, divisional GM, product manager, EMA team members In the conference room, faces drooped like wet laundry. Fingers poked at the tabletop making invisible squiggles. The hazy unknowing was too dense […]


Close Capability Gaps in Your Marketing and Sales with Partnerships

“If only we could do this…if only we had the people…if only we had the budget.” You’ve heard these words before. You may have even spoken them. They’re the tight-jawed expressions of frustration over “almost, but not quite.” We were reminded of this recently in a discussion with an executive at a building products company. […]