Can your brand survive the Amazon tsunami?

Amazon brings smiles to more than two million consumers and businesses hourly. That’s a lot of grins. But it’s not necessarily happiness to B2B brands and distributors like those that sell electrical products, plumbing supplies, tools, jan/san goods, medical supply items – the list goes (and grows) on. Amazon challenges the brand/channel/user dynamic with a […]


Customer Centricity: The Magic That Makes for a Magnetic Manufacturer-Distributor Bond

Hard-nosed or soft-hearted? Which is the business-to-business buyer when it comes to brand loyalty? And, how do distributors factor in the brand loyalty equation? I’m in the advertising business, and have been for more than 40 years. I’ve spent a lot of those years building brands. After all that time, you’d think questions like these […]


Building Brand Loyalty Among Contractors

How do you create brand loyalty in a specs-oriented, channel-sourced industry? Is it even worth the time and effort? Check out our recent webinar, Building Brand Loyalty Among Contractors: Risks and Rewards, and find out. Hosted by EMA’s Building + Construction’s brand builder John Favalo, this webinar shares the secrets of winning over the hearts […]


Increasing Safety With Wearable Tech

As manufacturers innovate with new products and the latest technology, they need to keep in mind the safety enhancements they can integrate. Product development is no longer just about faster installation and increased productivity, it’s also about enhancing workers’ safety. Construction companies allocate budgets for products that increase the safety on the jobsite and manufacturers […]


Not Your Father’s Toolbox

Drones, tablets, smartphones and digital sensors. No, you’re not standing in the innovation lab of a tech firm, you’re in the middle of a construction site. Yes, you read that correctly. These pieces of technology are just a few of the tools that today’s contractors use on-site, and they are quickly making the job safer […]


7 Steps to Effective B2B Content Marketing Webinar

EMA launched another webinar in the Group B2B series entitled, 7 Steps to Effective B2B Content Marketing. Hosted by John O’Hara, Director of Content Strategy, the webinar discussed the steps you can take to become a content marketing master including: How to develop effective strategies and messaging goals How to build trust and friendship with your audience How […]


New Group B2B Webinar: How Challenger Brands Succeed

EMA recently launched another webinar in its Group B2B series, entitled How Challenger Brands Succeed. Hosted by Group B2B Managing Partner John Favalo, the webinar featured two seasoned challenger brand experts—Michael Gambino and Jan Martin—who have gone head-to-head against leader brand Goliaths … and came out on top. Together, they shared invaluable insights into how […]


EMA Launches New Buildings + Construction Webinar Series

EMA recently launched a new webinar series designed to help you better understand your customers and how you can play a bigger role in their projects. On April 30th, we held our first webinar on Workplace Design, “Trends, Issues and Influences to Watch in 2015.” Hosted by Dr. Isilay Civan, research & innovation specialist, HOK […]


Three Reasons You Should Care about Workplace Design

For many companies today, workplace design has a significant impact on the overall success of the business — supporting high performance and revenue growth. Here are three reasons we, as marketers, should care about workplace design to strengthen our brand perception, no matter what industry we’re in. Employee engagement matters. A highly engaged workforce can […]


Don’t put commodities in the commode.

“This product is what it is. It performs a basic function. It’s not very exciting. Probably not worth investing in.” We’ve heard this a lot, especially for products that contractors buy over and over again, like supplies. Or, for products that people think of as “commodities,” like wire, steel or pipe. In some of these […]