If you’re a B2B or B2C brand, it pays to be a friend.

As a leading independent advertising agency, we believe building a brand in this dynamic digital age requires an entirely new approach. One that positions your brand not merely as a product or service, but as a friend. We call it Brand as Friend®.

Think about it. Friends care about the things you care about. They say the right things at the right time. And, above all else, friends always deliver on their promises. By focusing marketing on three pillars of friendship — affection, relevance, and trust — we help brands develop that same kind of special relationship with audiences. Relationships that not only help create stronger brands, but drive business growth as well.


Meet the 9 drivers that fuel the heart of every great brand relationship.

Let’s get to know each other.

We love striking up conversations with someone new, especially if it means we can help your brand make the right connections that lead to truly lasting consumer friendships. And it all starts with nine keys to building affection, relevance and trust for your brand.



Friends are there when you need them, not just when they need you. The same holds true for brands. When people feel cared about, they care for you right back.

We’re all about you.


Good friends are good listeners. Paying attention to your customers means they’ll feel understood. Listen well and suddenly you’ve got a nice mutual respect thing going on.

How’s it going?


It’s good to have friends who are a little different. It keeps life exciting and new. That’s why you should use marketing that surprises and delights to keep consumers engaged and interested in your brand.

Things just got interesting.



We’re really into stories. But it’s no longer just the ability to tell a good tale that makes a great brand. It’s about creating a narrative that becomes a genuine part of your consumer’s life.

Let’s make this about you.


Your brand’s got a personality all its own. At EMA, we want to embrace who you are. Because when your style clicks with consumers, your brand suddenly has (lots and lots) of friends.

Hey good lookin’.


We judge others by the company they keep. And it’s really no different for brands. To create meaningful relationships you can’t just reach out, you have to create an ongoing dialog that spreads from one-to-one, to many.

Let’s stay in touch.



True friends are never fake. They’re real. Being a brand consumers can count on means everything. Because a trusting consumer can be your brand’s biggest fan. And that’s the truth.

Honesty is the best policy, right? Right.


A friend is someone you can count on. Consumers trust brands to give them guidance, too. We call those brands thought leaders. And they sway popular culture, behavior, and market share.

A word to the wise.


We all have fair-weather friends. You know who they are. Consumers can be more demanding than your most fly-by-night pals. So give them reasons to stick around.

The story continues…

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